Why You Should Get an English Bulldog

//Why You Should Get an English Bulldog

Have you been thinking about getting a puppy? If you have, then this article is going to really help you make up your mind. I wish I would have bought my English Bulldog years ago, but instead I waited because I didn’t think it would add that much value to my life. I am hoping this article will help you solidify the idea of adding a new puppy into your family. This article is going to go over several reasons as to why you should get a English Bulldog puppy today.

The Cost of an English Bulldog is Fair

The first thing I want to cover is the price of an English Bulldog. The average cost of English bulldog is around $1500. This is the average cost of most dogs, so they aren’t to expensive.

They Help You Emotionally

One great benefit of owning a puppy is that it will help you emotionally. If you have a lot of stress or anxiety, they will be able to comfort you when you are going through an attack. It has been scientifically proven that puppies can decrease your stress levels, so what better way to do it than having an overly excited puppy seeing you walk through your front door. You may even be able to take your dog everywhere, if you make it a service dog to calm your anxiety.

They Help Improve Your Health

Puppies can also improve your health because you have to walk them every day. This will help you get out of the house and do some exercising which you normally probably wouldn’t have done. Dogs are also a great companion when you go on a jog, since they will most likely push you to stay out longer. You will be in better shape if you are committed to walking your dog everyday. So If you want to get healthier think about this benefit of owning a English bulldog.

They Help Protect Your You and Your Family

Dogs are also super aware about their surroundings. Most dogs usually bark when people come up to the house and this is a great way to notify you of intruders. Dogs are usually protective and will defend their owners if they believe they are in danger. This is way it is good to own a dog if you have to walk somewhere at night. Most people tend to not rob someone when they have a dog with them.

They Are Good With Kids

If you have kids, dogs are also great with them as well. You can also teach your kids to be more responsible if you give them chores such as feeding the dog or giving it a bath. The dog will also help kids deal with boredom if they are not allowed to watch TV during the week.

These are just several reasons as to why you should get an English bulldog. I truly think that you will love it when you buy one. Be sure to find a great breeder in your area. For more information visit http://www.thebulldogbreeder.com/english-bulldog-puppies-for-sale/